April 2021 - Erie Family Center


Grants coordinator

Fiscal Assistant Description: The Grants Coordinator position performs work related to grant seeking, grant administration, and coordinating grant management activities on an agency-wide basis. Grant coordinator activities may include any or all of the following: research and identify grant funding opportunities and grant funding needs; purchasing and invoicing; research and develop grant-funding sources – federal, state, private, and other sources; develop and catalog external resources in the areas of training, grant funding sources, and other grant-related resources.

Reports to: Executive Director
Type: Full-time with full benefits
Salary: Ranges from $42,000-$45,000. Salary will be dependent upon the individual’s qualifications and experience.
Schedule: Erie Family Center business hours

Erie Family Center Core Values and Work Performance functions:
• Adhere to standards of demeanor.
• Exhibit working autonomously.
• Ensure and practice cultural competence.
• Promote positive communication/confidentiality.
• Professional sound judgment and decision-making.
• Display consistent attributes of professionalism.
• Encourage and support cooperation and teamwork.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Grant/purchasing management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision making and reporting.
• Create and oversees a management system to run reports, queries, and mailing lists as advised by the Executive Director.
• Oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting along with working with external vendors and internal staff to coordinate purchasing within budgets means and grant guidelines.
• Analyze and present financial reports in an accurate and timely manner.
• Clearly communicate monthly annual financial statements to the Executive director and the Board of Directors.
• Coordinate and lead the annual audit process, coordinate with the EFC fiscal assistant, external auditors and Board of Directors to administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and identify any changes necessary.
• Oversee and lead annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with the ED and keep senior leadership team abreast of the organization’s financial status.
• Implement a robust contracts management and financial management/ reporting system; ensure that the contract billing and collection schedule is adhered to and that financial data and cash flow are steady and support operational requirements.
• Supervise the small grants program and ensure that it is implemented as per program objectives and design.
• Collaborate, implement all necessary business policies and accounting practices; improve the finance department’s overall policy and procedure manual.
• Effectively communicate and present the critical financial matters to the board of directors.
• Familiarity with fundraising and fiscal non-profit responsibility.

Other information:
•  Commitment to respect and maintain the confidentiality of fiscal, grant and donor information.
• Take on additional projects as required and as skills and time allow.
• Attend monthly staff meetings, quarterly Board meetings and/or trainings as assigned
• The ability to work effectively in a collaborative team environment as well as take initiative independently.
• Ability to travel in and out of Erie County.

• Any combination of training, education, from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public or Business Administration, or a related field.
• The ideal candidate has 3-5+ years of experience, research, finance, or public administration, including experience in grant administration, grant management, grant coordination, obtaining funding for grants projects and programs, and grant writing preferably working in a non-profit setting working with grants from various Federal, State and Local entities.
• Have a strong understanding of the grant life cycle process including grant seeking, grant writing, and the grant management process.
• Strong communication and writing skills: the ability to interact with a variety of people and clearly convey information in writing and in person. (Strong Microsoft Office skills, including Excel).
• Quick Books experience a preferred.

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